One of the world largest islands, it is no wonder that the bulk of Australia’s wildlife comes from the sea. What better way is there to dive into the Australian oceans … >>


Home and Away Tour

Travel to the world-famous Palm Beach and see where scenes of the show Home and Away are actually filmed! If you love the TV Series then jump on board for the trip of a life time! … >>


Skydiving and skydivers

Skydiving One of the ultimate adventure activities, and there is
no where in the world better to throw yourself out of an aeroplane than
Australia. Almost anyone over the age of 14 years … >>


Scuba Diving 

Introductory Diving You can ‘get into the water’ without
 experience by either snorkelling or doing a Discovery Dive, most diving
 operators offer these options.   >>


Whale and Dolphin Watching 

Whale watching season runs from May through November.
During this time of year, Humpback whales swim into the waters off the
East Coast of Australia as they make their journey north.  … >>


Sailing and learn to sail

Sailing and learning to sail Learning how to sail is a great way
to see the sights and learn something new at the same time. A few young people manage to get short-term crew work on boats … >>


Bike, cycles and cycling

Cycling has numerous benefits including exercise, no air
pollution, reducing traffic congestion, minimizing noise pollution 
(nearly silent operation) and no cost parking … >>



Bushwalking is simply defined as: an expedition on foot through
the bush.  If you are not familiar with Australia, you may be
asking yourself “What is the bush?” … >>


Great White Sharks

“It’s a kill, it’s a kill” shouts our skipper. A dark red shiny film drifts on the water’s surface with the tide, dispersing slowly. This is all that’s left of the seal. It has been attacked and eaten by… >>


Whale Watching Sydney 

“There she blows” I cry,“off the starboard bow about 500 metres.” I do my best impression of Captain Ahab spotting Moby Dick. But this isn’t a white whale but a Humpback. It’s migrating north from >>


Go High or get wet 

Ever thought about jumping out of a perfectly good light aircraft? Or scootering under Sydney Harbour? Well both are available right on your doorstep. Now is the time 
to try both… >>

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