Tandem Skydiving is the way most skydivers get their start. There are classes you can take to be able to skydive alone, but if you want to feel the adrenalin rushing through you then take to the skies with a tandem skydive. Here is our list of the great places to skydive in Australia, and be sure to have a look at the 5 Things to Know Before Skydiving.



Skydive the Beach, Sydney Skydivers  and Australia Skydive are the three skydive companies in Sydney. Sydney Skydivers are based at Bankstown Airport in Camden (Sydney’s west), Australia Skydive are at Penrith and Skydive the Beach are at Wollongong. The ‘Gong’ is about an hour’s drive south of Sydney. You’ll get amazing views of the southern coastline, from Sydney in the north, to Kiama in the south. Then you can watch it all come at you at around 200km/h and land smoothly near the beach. BOOK a Skydive.


Byron Bay

Skydive over the beautiful North Coast of NSW with views from Ballina to the Queensland border, above Mount Warning and across to Julian Rocks.



Skydive over Australia’s capital, Canberra, while getting great views of this well-planned city as well as the Brindabella Ranges and the distant snow-capped Australian Alps.


Gold Coast

Skydiving above the Gold Coast will get you high over the skyscrapers.


Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to skydive because it’s always sunny.



Skydive over the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests and get a view from a very different angle.



Skydive with views of the Southern Ocean, the Great Australian Bight and SA’s many wine regions.



Members of Melbourne’s cafe culture don’t skydive, so steal a mearch on them and get high on adrenalinn rather than cafeine. Skydive right into Royal Park (near the zoo), with amazing views of the city skyline (day or night). Or skydive over Torquay for spectacular views of the Great Ocean Road.



Skydive at the Top End and take in all the beauty of Darwin, Litchfield National Park, Kakadu, and the Arafura Sea.



West is the best, at least Perth locals think so. Find out what view you take on the subject with a bird’s eye view by taking to the skies and skydiving the West Coast.


Coral Coast

Skydive the north-west coast of WA – Broome, Carnarvon, Coral Bay or Exmouth. It’s a great way to check out some amazing coastline.

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