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Wildlife Sanctuaries are facilities where animals are brought to live and be protected for the rest of their lives. The mission of sanctuaries is to be safe havens, where the animals receive the best care that the sanctuaries can provide. Animals are not bought, sold, or traded, nor are they used for animal testing. The resident animals are given the opportunity to behave as naturally as possible in a protective environment.

Whereas zoos are (also called zoological gardens) are parklike places in which live animals are kept in cages or large enclosures for public exhibition. Zoos regularly transfer or sell their animals to other zoos for genetic dispersal or profit.



Taronga Zoo and Featherdale Wildlife Park are two of Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions. Both are open 9-5; 7 days a week, and both allow you to get up close and personal with some of Australia’s most iconic animals. Taronga Zoo can be accessed by bus, ferry or car, while Featherdale is a 40 min train or car ride to Doonside in Sydney’s west, or get the best of both the world’s with a Blue Mountains day tour that lets you spend an afternoon at Featherdale.



Taronga Zoo – Bradley’s Head Road, Mosman

(02) 9969 2777        or        BOOK NOW     




Featherdale Wildlife Park – 217-229 Kildare Road, Doonside

(02) 9622 1644        or        BOOK NOW           


 Step into an animal adventure at WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo as you journey around Australia. Walk through iconic Australian habitats and encounter some of the most loved, feared and unique animals. See Rex, our huge crocodile in Kakadu Gorge, explore Kangaroo Walk-About, meet cuddly koalas in Gum Tree Valley and more! WILD LIFE Sydney features interactive displays, inspiring and entertaining daily keeper talks and enhanced walk-through habitats including Koala Encounters, Kangaroo Walk-About and Butterfly Tropics.Located in the heart of the city, at Aquarium Wharf, Darling Harbour. Open from 9am, last admissions at 5pm





WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo – 1-5 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour

 1800 206 158 or     BOOK NOW    




Located on the Gold Coast, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is known around the world for its feeding of huge flocks of free-flying rainbow lorikeets, plus the tasmanian devil and reptile exhibits, and the largest aviary walkway in the southern hemisphere.



Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary – 28 Tomewin Street, Currumbin

1300 886 511        or         BOOK NOW                            


The Australian Zoo is located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It is one of the most spectacular zoos in the world, featuring Steve Irwin-inspired exhibits including: The Crocoseum, Tiger Temple, Elephantasia, and the Rainforest Aviary.



Australia Zoo – 1638 Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah

(07) 5436 2000        or to tour from Brisbane        BOOK NOW



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