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Why study English in Australia?

Australia has an international reputation for its high standard of teaching, along with relatively low living and tuition costs. Added to this are the benefits of living on a large island continent that offers an immense and diverse selection of fascinating travel destinations.


There are many reasons why someone may wish to study English. Some need to improve their English for work or career purposes, while others may have a personal interest in becoming fluent in English, or because they intend to travel. Others may want to continue their education in English and must reach specified English language entry standards.


The advantages of learning English in Australia are many, here are just a few:

Vibrant multicultural country
Safe destination
English is the national language
High quality national standards for English language training
Relatively low cost of living and tuition fees
People are friendly
Extensive range of quality educational institutions
Ideal study environment for international students with strong consumer protection laws
Student Visa holders may work up to 20 hours per week
Working Holiday Visa program allows up to 17 weeks of study and full-time work
Visitor Visa program allows up to 12 weeks of study
Opportunities to combine study and travel
Land of contrasts and adventure
Beaches in summer, snow fields in winter
Sports of all varieties
Meet people and make friends from all over the world
Experience a unique part of the world
Stay with an Australian family.


For more information regarding the best quality in English language study, go to the English Australia website.

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