Meet the Team

  • Mike Barrow

    Managing Director

    Mike likes to think he runs the show! With 25 years experience (and still going strong) as a world traveller, Mike has acquired an enormous amount of useful knowledge and industry contacts. He has extensive creative skills and still thinks like a young traveller (four kids in their teens and early twenties). His dream is to be world famous via his personal online portal #ozadventuretravelman.

  • Chris Harrison

    Manager Marketing & Communication and Managing Editor

    Chris is the quiet achiever who delivers excellent solutions to all of his clients. He is a real multi-tasker, able to juggle sales, content creation, design layouts and much, much more. He has two degrees in tourism management and loves providing strategic advice to achieve business aims. Chris dreams of a single digit golf handicap which seems unlikely as he has two young children.

  • Sam Crawford

    Digital Director

    Sam has built a team of developers and digital specialists to deliver the ‘big picture dream’ he sees for clients. His team stretches from Australia to India and the Philippines, which is testament to Sam’s ability to share that vision with others. He revels in delivering (seemingly) simple solutions to complex problems.

  • Wilma Amposta

    Website Client Liaison

    Wilma’s secret is being a good listener. She works with the development team in India to review the content produced – and is charged with ensuring it matches clients’ needs. She studied as a pharmacist before switching to programming. All in a day’s work for a Superhero!

  • Pawas Gupta

    Web Development Team Leader

    A self – confessed geek, Pawas is into everything to do with I.T. – from the latest gadgets to Google updates. Nothing makes Pawas happier than knowing everything is ‘under control’ – although he does admit to getting a buzz when a curly challenge comes past him now and again, and he and his team can roll up their sleeves to fix it.

  • Martin Sisolak

    Distribution & Customer Service Manager

    Martin is our ‘man in the van’, he is seen all over Sydney delivering maps, brochures and guides to hundreds of locations. He manages the warehouse, receives all incoming stock and ensures regular stocktaking is done. Feel free to email Martin directly as he takes care of all map and guide fulfilment requests.

  • Narelle

    Accounts Manager

    Narelle really runs the show! After all, she pays the accounts, invoices out and does all the fun stuff. Narelle never misses a beat and has recently completed the final papers of her accounting degree. She will graduate in 2018. Well done Narelle!!